Evening Update

Selene insisted I eat a cupcake that one of the parents were giving out for their child’s birthday. But that was my only slip up. I had 4 snacks since I posted this morning. 1 ounce of cheese for my first 3 snacks, and 4 hardboiled eggs with butter for my evening snack. I had the extra slice of cheese because after that cupcake, my cravings were going insane. I made a basic egg salad for lunch and dinner based off of this recipe:


But I used Frank’s hot sauce in place of mayo, and 3 eggs instead of 6.

My totals today:
13 eggs4oz medium cheddar cheese
4tsp butter


Egg Fast

I’m doing an Egg Fast. Started yesterday. I don’t feel like explaining the ins and outs of what an Egg Fast is. If you want to know, you can look here:


Ideally it’s used to break stalls in weight loss, but I’m losing steadily every week so I don’t NEED to try it. I’m just doing an experiment to see how much I actually lose. People generally lose about 5lbs after their egg fast, depending on how long they do it. Since I already lose between 3 and 5lbs a week, I’m curious to see if this egg fast will help me lose more. I’m 35lbs to goal weight, so it’s not a big deal for me to play around with stuff like this. In fact, if I continuously lose about 5lbs a week, in 6 weeks, I’ll be at my goal weight. If the egg fast helps me lose more than 5lbs this week, that number will be smaller. Honestly, I’ve got nothing to lose except the extra weight. 🙂

So, I started my egg fast at lunch yesterday. Didn’t do it in the morning because I had to wait for my husband to wake up and let me know if he wanted me to pick anything up at the grocery store. I didn’t eat lunch and had 4 hardboiled eggs and 2 ounces of cheese for a snack. For dinner I made a plate of Snickerdoodle Crepes. I probably -shouldn’t- have eaten the entire plate because I felt sick afterward, but it wasn’t that big of a deal, honestly. The Snickerdoodle Crepes recipe can be found here:


This is my version:
snickerdoodle crepes

That was basically all I did yesterday. Now, ideally, you weigh yourself every morning of the fast, but since weight fluctuates so much throughout the day, I think the results would be more accurate if I weigh after the fast is over. Were this a perfect world, that day would be Sunday for me, since that’s my usual weigh-in day, but I’m already halfway through with my first container of eggs and it’s only day 2. So I’ll weigh when my eggs run out, and then I’ll weigh again on Sunday to see if I gained or lost since I came off the egg fast. Depending on how well this egg fast works, I may do a monthly intermittent egg fast.

So, Day 2, I ate a 3 egg extra cheese omelette with about 32oz of water. I’ll be making myself some coffee later.

extra cheese omelette

And…that’s it for my update today. I’ll probably post one tonight after dinner to talk about what else I ate. 🙂


Updated Goals and Plan

1. Induction until I get down to 153lbs.
2. OWL until I get down to 129lbs.
3. Pre-Maintenance until I get down to 110lbs.

That was my previous goal list. After my son was born I realized that 20g of carbs wasn’t feasible enough for me to lose. It would affect my milk production, among other things. So instead I did an entire overhaul of my plan.

I put my stats into a calorie calculator, and came up with the number of 1,260kcal in order to lose weight. Then, since I’m breastfeeding, I added an extra 500 calories since breastfeeding burns about 600kcal/day. That put my total to 1,760kcal/day. Then I went to the Keto Calculator, and input all of my measurements. Since I’m doing a low carb, high fat lifestyle, the Keto Calculator was perfect for me.

You can find the Keto Calculator here:

The Keto Calculator put my macros at 10% (44g) of carbohydrates, 20% (88g) of protein, and 70% (137g) of fat. I also use the Calories Burned calculator to estimate how many calories I burn a day. This is by far the most accurate calculator I’ve seen because it not only estimates your exercise, but it also estimates the calories you burn on a day to day basis.

Found here:

I walk almost 2 miles (total) every week day to get Selene to and from school. Depending on if I’m carrying Ricky, pushing him in the stroller, or leaving him home with his dad, I can burn more or less calories. I also try to keep my carbs to 45-50g/day. But I tend to go over because I log my exercise and the more you exercise/burn calories, the more carbs your body can process. Regardless, I never eat more than 100g of carbs/day, even on days when I “cheat.” I plan on changing this, however. No more going over 50g, regardless of how many calories I burn, and no more “cheating.” Carb addiction is a very real thing, and I’m in the thick of it.


An Introduction and My Story

Over the course of my life, I have lost touch with a lot of things about myself. It’s hard when you lose a piece of yourself. It leaves you feeling pained and empty. Like a void that can’t be filled. I know that everyone has problems, and I don’t consider mine above anyone else’s. But my problems are just that; they’re my problems. Do I think my problems are important? Yes, and I very well should; because if you don’t love yourself, how can you love another person unconditionally? I have a 5 year old daughter, a fiancee, a dog, a bearded dragon, and a baby on the way. I’m never going to be able to live up to taking care of them all if I can’t look myself in the eye and tell myself that I’m worth it. The first step is always the hardest, and this is MY first step. Unfortunately, this is a first step that I’ve tried to take over and over, and over again. So many blogs have been created, forgotten, and then lost in cyberspace because I just couldn’t keep up with them. I just hope this one is different. I need this one to be different; otherwise I’ll just be stuck in an endless cycle of depression, anger, and anxiety. The problem is, I don’t even know where to begin. Do I start with my life story? Recent events? Past events? The most traumatizing events? Should I write chronologically? Or just write about whatever comes to my mind first? Should I write about the things that hurt me the worst, or the things that have hurt me badly, but not enough to make any major changes to my overall being? I guess I’ll just start with the main reason I’m creating this blog.

I’m starting a journey of Personal Development. My entire life has been thrown for a loop in the recent years and I’ve fallen farther and farther from myself. I can’t even recognize myself in the mirror anymore. The purpose of this blog isn’t so much for other people, as it is for myself. If other people like it, or choose to read it, then that’s fine. Sometimes I may sound whiney or complainy, and sometimes what I say may resonate with some people. Whatever the case, this is for me, and sure, it maybe difficult to deal with some of the comments from others, but that’s what happens when you put your entire life out in public like this. My personal development will be more than just mental or emotional, however. It will involve physical and spiritual development as well and yes, it’ll take time, and maybe it’ll never end. But I know what I want out of it: I want to become the person who I’ve always wanted to be. Though, if you were to ask me right now, I wouldn’t be able to tell you exactly who that person is yet, because I don’t even know, myself. I have an idea of who I want to be, and I’m sure that idea will change as my personal development journey continues and shapes who I am into who I’ll become.