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Oak Meadow Curriculum

Our Oak Meadow curriculum FINALLY came in the mail. I’ve been super excited to get this. Then I opened the syllabus and just couldn’t believe how incredibly LONG the introduction is. Almost done though. I’m on page 30 of 45. The steps to begin are:

1. Read the introduction.
2. Read “The Heart of Learning.”
3. Read the introduction to the subjects.4. Read “The Home Teacher’s Process Manual.”
5. Read Lesson 1.

Then I have to go to the gateway and finish some stuff up on there. The school year begins a week from now so I have to try to get everything done by then. Today is the beginning of raising a homeschooler. Hopefully permanently for both.

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A New Advenure

To be honest, it’s been far too long since I posted on here. I’ve been so wrapped up in Baby Mode that I haven’t had time for much else. My weight loss has slowed down tremendously because I took my daughter out of public school in early January, so I wasn’t walking anymore. Fortunately, spring is coming, and the snow will melt and we can resume our daily walks and then some. I plan on getting a family membership for myself and my kids, and my daughter is being homeschooled now. Once we get our Oak Meadow curriculum, I’ll be updating this about our progress at least once a month, possibly once a week. I’m also starting a small business which I’ll be updating on a different blog. I’ll continue to update this on my weight loss progress once it resumes.