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Oak Meadow Curriculum

Our Oak Meadow curriculum FINALLY came in the mail. I’ve been super excited to get this. Then I opened the syllabus and just couldn’t believe how incredibly LONG the introduction is. Almost done though. I’m on page 30 of 45. The steps to begin are:

1. Read the introduction.
2. Read “The Heart of Learning.”
3. Read the introduction to the subjects.4. Read “The Home Teacher’s Process Manual.”
5. Read Lesson 1.

Then I have to go to the gateway and finish some stuff up on there. The school year begins a week from now so I have to try to get everything done by then. Today is the beginning of raising a homeschooler. Hopefully permanently for both.


2 thoughts on “Oak Meadow Curriculum

  1. notsoquietmomma says:

    Don’t let all the reading intimidate you! We used Oak Meadow a lot when the kids were younger. We loved it espeically the K-3rd grade years!!!! You’ll find your rhythm


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