Egg Fast

I’m doing an Egg Fast. Started yesterday. I don’t feel like explaining the ins and outs of what an Egg Fast is. If you want to know, you can look here:


Ideally it’s used to break stalls in weight loss, but I’m losing steadily every week so I don’t NEED to try it. I’m just doing an experiment to see how much I actually lose. People generally lose about 5lbs after their egg fast, depending on how long they do it. Since I already lose between 3 and 5lbs a week, I’m curious to see if this egg fast will help me lose more. I’m 35lbs to goal weight, so it’s not a big deal for me to play around with stuff like this. In fact, if I continuously lose about 5lbs a week, in 6 weeks, I’ll be at my goal weight. If the egg fast helps me lose more than 5lbs this week, that number will be smaller. Honestly, I’ve got nothing to lose except the extra weight. 🙂

So, I started my egg fast at lunch yesterday. Didn’t do it in the morning because I had to wait for my husband to wake up and let me know if he wanted me to pick anything up at the grocery store. I didn’t eat lunch and had 4 hardboiled eggs and 2 ounces of cheese for a snack. For dinner I made a plate of Snickerdoodle Crepes. I probably -shouldn’t- have eaten the entire plate because I felt sick afterward, but it wasn’t that big of a deal, honestly. The Snickerdoodle Crepes recipe can be found here:


This is my version:
snickerdoodle crepes

That was basically all I did yesterday. Now, ideally, you weigh yourself every morning of the fast, but since weight fluctuates so much throughout the day, I think the results would be more accurate if I weigh after the fast is over. Were this a perfect world, that day would be Sunday for me, since that’s my usual weigh-in day, but I’m already halfway through with my first container of eggs and it’s only day 2. So I’ll weigh when my eggs run out, and then I’ll weigh again on Sunday to see if I gained or lost since I came off the egg fast. Depending on how well this egg fast works, I may do a monthly intermittent egg fast.

So, Day 2, I ate a 3 egg extra cheese omelette with about 32oz of water. I’ll be making myself some coffee later.

extra cheese omelette

And…that’s it for my update today. I’ll probably post one tonight after dinner to talk about what else I ate. 🙂


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