Updated Goals and Plan

1. Induction until I get down to 153lbs.
2. OWL until I get down to 129lbs.
3. Pre-Maintenance until I get down to 110lbs.

That was my previous goal list. After my son was born I realized that 20g of carbs wasn’t feasible enough for me to lose. It would affect my milk production, among other things. So instead I did an entire overhaul of my plan.

I put my stats into a calorie calculator, and came up with the number of 1,260kcal in order to lose weight. Then, since I’m breastfeeding, I added an extra 500 calories since breastfeeding burns about 600kcal/day. That put my total to 1,760kcal/day. Then I went to the Keto Calculator, and input all of my measurements. Since I’m doing a low carb, high fat lifestyle, the Keto Calculator was perfect for me.

You can find the Keto Calculator here:

The Keto Calculator put my macros at 10% (44g) of carbohydrates, 20% (88g) of protein, and 70% (137g) of fat. I also use the Calories Burned calculator to estimate how many calories I burn a day. This is by far the most accurate calculator I’ve seen because it not only estimates your exercise, but it also estimates the calories you burn on a day to day basis.

Found here:

I walk almost 2 miles (total) every week day to get Selene to and from school. Depending on if I’m carrying Ricky, pushing him in the stroller, or leaving him home with his dad, I can burn more or less calories. I also try to keep my carbs to 45-50g/day. But I tend to go over because I log my exercise and the more you exercise/burn calories, the more carbs your body can process. Regardless, I never eat more than 100g of carbs/day, even on days when I “cheat.” I plan on changing this, however. No more going over 50g, regardless of how many calories I burn, and no more “cheating.” Carb addiction is a very real thing, and I’m in the thick of it.


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