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A Little Update

I have been so incredibly busy and exhausted. Moving in on Saturday sent me over the edge and that night/the next morning, I went into active labor with Ulric. It was 6 hours of active labor and I think 4 hours of pushing to get him out of there. It was in the birthing position but he was slightly off to the left so he got stuck. I was trying everything I could to avoid an emergency c-section, so my midwife had me lay on my right side with my leg up and see if he would turn to the right. When she came to check on me about an hour later, he was centered and pushing him out took maybe 20 minutes tops. Ricky was born on October 12 at 9:07 am. It’s been an adjustment period, for sure. Jon took time off of work while I was in recovery to take care of Selene and the house, since Selene couldn’t stay in the room with me. Then he took one day off after Ricky and I came home, and it was right back to work with him. He only worked 3 days last week, so we’re not going to have a nice check. Yesterday Ricky turned a week old and we’re still transitioning. Since Jon works all the time, I have to take care of Selene, Ricky, and the house on my own. Jon has a lot of making up to do with his paychecks since he had to take the time off, so I have a feeling I won’t be seeing him for awhile. We still have a lot of work to do to get this house into living shape. The only furniture we own are beds, we have no shelving, no dishes, etc. So any extra money we have after food, bills, and rent, will be going to getting the stuff we need for the house. We won’t even be able to save for getting our storage unit here from California or for our wedding next year. We also somehow need to save the money to get married at City Hall next month. Money has been really tight this week so all I’ve really been eating is junk food and crap. I’m 100% sure I gained at least 20lbs from all the crap I’ve been eating. I’m hoping it’s less because of the breastfeeding though, but I’m not so sure about that. Jon still doesn’t have his debit card so we’re going to the bank today to transfer money into my bank account so I can pay our bills and buy us some actual decent food. I’m not going straight back to low carb like I thought I would be. My breastmilk is still in the developing phase and low carb has been shown to affect milk production. After it settles into a routine, I’ll be going back to low carb, but I’ll definitely be doing healthy eating. No more processed junk. Fresh fruit and veggies, eggs, lots of fresh meat, etc. It’s still -technically- low carb, just not as low carb as I planned. Plus,it’s not so much low carb, it’s clean eating; and clean eating will help me lose -some- weight regardless. Besides, I don’t want to be eating all this shit when my diabetes test is scheduled; otherwise I’m most likely going to fail it. My post-baby weight was 181lbs, so I didn’t lose as much as I hoped I would during childbirth. I have to schedule a 2 week postpartum appointment, though, so we’ll see where my weight is at when that comes around. Hopefully going grocery shopping this week and preparing decent meals will help bring that weight down, but it might just help me lose the weight that I gained this week and nothing more.

Jon is finally getting hired in at work. He’ll be making $13/hour, but he’s 100% sure that he’s only going o be bringing home what he’s bringing home now as a temp because they’re going to take money out for his insurance on top of other taxes. I think he’ll be bringing home more despite that, especially since he always works Sundays, and Sundays he makes over $26/hour. But we’ll have to see his first check before we can decide on that. This Friday will be his check from last week, so we won’t see his new check until next Friday. I can’t wait to see his take home pay after taxes are taken out, our rent is paid, our bills (including utilities) are paid, and after he’s worked on Sunday. We might be able to budget extra money for food and stuff for the house if possible, which would be ideal. Well, I think that’s the gist of my week up until now. Once I get my weigh-in from my doctor I’ll be able to make a final decision on what I’m doing about weight loss. In the meantime, I might try to some ab work, because my stomach is ugly Yes, I’m still healing, but I can’t stand my stomach anymore. Plus, I have ibuprofen and it’s been helping me survive the pain and cramps so far. I also have Extra Strength Tylenol…somewhere. That might actually be in storage still, though. I’m not sure on that.


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