Personal Development, Weigh In, Weight Loss

Weigh-in for 9/29/14

When  went in to see my doctor, I was told that I weighed 185, and I still have 11 days to go. I have another appointment on October 7, and we’ll see where I’m at, at that point. It’s looking like I won’t be losing anymore weight, so I’m just going to stick with my original plan:

1. Induction until I get down to 153lbs.
2. OWL until I get down to 129lbs.
3. Pre-Maintenance until I get down to 110lbs.

All while slowly increasing my carb intake during each phase. Jon and I finally found a place to live, so we’ll be settling in to our new place while adjusting to our new baby. Once we’re settled in and the baby is old enough, I still plan on going to the gym. I’ll update the weight loss totals once I know how much I’ll weigh when I go into labor and after the baby is born. Hopefully I won’t gain too much more though. I’d rather not be at 190lbs with this one like I was with my daughter when she was born.


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