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Making a decision about my diet.

I really don’t want to gain too much weight with this baby, but I really don’t want to lose too much, either. So I’m going to finish off my “high carb” meals now while I can’t check my blood sugar (so I won’t feel guilty) and focus on lower carb meals. Then I’m just going to have some sugar free candy and some diet Dr. Pepper to keep ketones out of my urine samples. I really hate the, “You’re eating for two so now you have to eat (unhealthy) more food thing that doctors keep on me about. And now that I’m not seeing my Endocrinologist as often, I don’t have to put up with her, “Eat more carbs so I can give you medication.” Bullshit. Honestly, this diet that they keep trying to put me on is driving me crazy. I’m always tired, I always feel like shit, I always feel hungry, I’m always unsatisfied. Sure, some of that might be from the baby, but I know for a fact that that’s how I feel when I go off plan, also. Which I have to do all the time. I also noticed that my contractions didn’t get major until I began increasing my carb intake. Frankly, I don’t think the baby likes them all that much either.

Speaking of the baby, my ultrasound…it still wasn’t 100% clear, but the tech said that she definitely saw testicles. She couldn’t find a penis, but he also wouldn’t move his heel out of the way. If he had, she was sure she would have been able to see it. So we’re having a little boy: Ulric Viktor Finan. I also noticed that I gained 5lbs in one week. This isn’t supposed to be normal during pregnancy. I should only be gaining a half a pound-a pound a week. I do kind of want to lose some of the weight that I put on, though. Because by October 13, I should only weigh between 180 and 185. And there’s no way that this baby is going to just stop growing, so here’s hoping I don’t gain too much more or I’m going to be really upset.


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